Headstock Group is a strong, well-financed, family business focussed on long-term goals. The culture is friendly, whilst being focussed and dynamic with fast decision-making when required. With product design and engineering, manufacturing, global sales & marketing and domestic distribution all present within the same businesses, there are many interesting fields for a wide variety of motivated and capable employees. 

Headstock Group is an equal opportunity employer and individuals seeking employment are considered without regards to race, colour, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, physical and mental disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Career Opportunities

    Headstock Team

    Interested in working for Headstock Group? Here are a few words from some of the Headstock Team

    • Johnnie Jiang

      I have known and worked with the Headstock team for many years and have developed great friendships with the people there. When the opportunity arose to actually join Headstock I jumped at the chance, and I now have the privilege of being part of the Headstock team.

      I feel deeply passionate about the company’s ethos. I had been working for a Chinese company before and I feel that the management model and work philosophy are very different at Headstock and it suits my personality much better now.

      I enjoy engineering and making great products

    • Adrian Webb

      In September 2022 I celebrate 40 years of employment with Laney/Headstock. I completed my 1st year City & Guilds for Carpentry at West Bromwich College way back in 1982. I was interviewed by Lyndon Laney for a cabinet maker role and Lyndon suggested I could have a bright future with the Company, and he certainly kept this promise: My position with Laney matured very rapidly, as did the growth of the business, and I became Mechanical Production Manager.

      Almost 20 years ago we purchased a design-built distribution centre for Headstock Group suitable for our distribution business growth and I became Warehouse Manager for the site. Where’s the time gone?

      I met and married my wife Michele in 1985 at Laney and this year we celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary. What a fabulous life I’m living!

    • Ian Wright

      Although I have always had a love for the guitar, I have found that my skills quickly became more focussed on the sales and service of product as opposed to my artistry as a player. I have been involved in the music business for many years where at the age of 15 I started my first job selling instruments in a large city music store. This is where I had my first opportunity to get to know the Laney brand before then moving to an Australian Distribution company that represented the brand. It was during this time I had the opportunity to meet several of the Laney family and these moments had always left a lasting impression on me.

      After spending several successful years in Export Sales and Management for Pro Audio corporates I was given the opportunity of working for the Headstock company. I have now been with the Company for over 11 years and have felt honoured daily to be able to work for such a great organisation. I very much enjoy the family feel of the business with the ability to have direct access to senior management as opposed to multi-level middle management found in the corporate companies I have worked for.

      I was made to feel part of the team from day one and the relationships and comradery are unlike any I have ever experienced in the workplace. Everyone actually likes spending time together and supports each other, everyone is passionate about what we do, especially in how we can best serve and provide solutions to our customers and end users alike…Very few staff leave this business, and you’ll find that many of them have been around for well over 20 years…

      It truly is a unique company and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it daily. Oh, and as a bonus you also get to meet some pretty cool people!!

    • Duncan Boniface

      Combining my passions for music, engineering, and live events, I gained a degree in Engineering Acoustics from the renowned Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at Southampton University, whilst playing guitar (badly!) and working at as many gigs as I could. After graduation I began a career in loudspeaker design, specialising in musical instrument speakers, before becoming the R&D Manager for a British MI company. I joined Laney / HH early in 2009 and now use my experience in design, manufacturing, acoustics, live sound, and relationships to support our product development, our customers and of course our manufacturing of world class products, whether in our own West Midlands facility or overseas with our partners. I still play guitar badly!

    • Roger Hickman

      I’ve worked at Headstock for quite a while, originally starting way back in 1994 as a storeman, carrying metalwork, transformers, and other components downstairs to the factory, then back up as fully built amplifiers ready to be packed & shipped out. Since then, I’ve worked as an electronic & audio test engineer for our HH mixer product line, and sales & technical support for our Laney products before finally settling in the IT department as application developer in 2008, and then as IT Manager for the last few years. My role here at Headstock combines two of my greatest passions – music & computers! What could be better?

    • Richard Thompson

      I’ve always enjoyed engineering and electronics from an early age, and made my first amplifier when I was around 15 years old with hand drawn, and etched PCBs

      I fell into my dream job working for Headstock where I’m able to directly push our ideas into reality, making great products for everyone. I’ve been here for 28 years, currently running the R&D Department for our Laney and HH brands.

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