Headstock Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of musical equipment and professional audio products.

Headstock Group is the owner of the Laney Amplification and HH Electronics brands and the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for Ibanez, DiMarzio, Truetone, Tama, Zildjian & Aquarian Drumheads.

Location & Facilities

Headstock’s UK headquarters is a purpose-built 30,000 sq ft warehousing facility, comprising a sizeable and sophisticated warehouse, along with comfortable offices, conference and product demonstration facilities. Built on the Coombswood Business Park, Halesowen, it is located close to Junction 4 of the M5.

Mission Vision Values

Our Mission Statement

Driven by a passion for music-making and sound since 1967, the Headstock Group prides itself on a portfolio of outstanding products. Whether for our beloved in-house brands Laney Amplification and HH Electronics, or as proud distribution partner for industry-leading and illustrious MI brands, we bring the motivation, experience, and creativity to thrive in this very special industry.

Our Vision Statement

The Headstock Group vision is to fulfil potential; for both the brands we own and for those we represent (but care for as our own). Whether an established, leading product or a new idea, we undertake to understand, invest in, and add value to the process of reaching and exciting the market. We seek growth year by year by reaching more customers with a diverse array of sound and music products.

Our Core Values

A second-generation, family-owned, family-led business, we set ourselves high performance standards every day, but measure true performance in decades. We form long-standing business partnerships, hold an exceptional staff-retention record and value each team member and brand ambassador as a part of the extended Company family.

A love for sound and music-making products makes Headstock Group a natural home for experts in their field and our close-knit community has an abiding passion for the music in our lives. A designer and maker for our own brands, yet also a distributor of others’, we have an empathy at both sides of the table. We work hard to develop the supply chain, checking each step adds value, and most importantly we ensure our products can be found by their target customer.

A role at Headstock Group is one in which enthusiasm, humour, creativity, opinion, and trust are encouraged. We create a safe and positive working environment where all team members are treated with respect and confidence.

James Laney, CEO


Founded in 1967 – Laney Amplification

The Company officially began trading in September 1967, founded by Lyndon Laney who was a gigging bass player in the UK’s vibrant 1960s music scene. Lyndon began building amplifiers for local musicians and friends including Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. Today the Laney brand is the signature of high-quality British guitar and bass amplifiers and sold all over the world. 

1989 – HH Electronics

In 1989, Headstock Group acquired HH Electronics – a British professional audio manufacturer that built huge popularity in the 1970s and 1980s. Headstock provided investment, engineering and design resources to HH, and from its new home in the centre of the UK, HH found strong success with both HH loudspeaker components and a new wave of HH professional audio product innovations. The current era of HH products is focussed on both portable PA and audio installation products, selling in over 50 countries.

1997 – Hoshino Gakki

Headstock’s dedicated distribution business was formed in 1997, when appointed Exclusive UK & Ireland Distributor by Hoshino Gakki Co., Japan to represent the iconic Ibanez and Tama brands. Forging an enduring and successful partnership delivered long-searched-for success in Great Britain for Hoshino Gakki, and drove Headstock to new levels of development and growth. Very close bonds with Ibanez and Tama products and the Hoshino family & staff remain at the core of Headstock every day.

2010 –  Avedis Zildjian

In 2010 Headstock were appointed Exclusive Distributors for Zildijan cymbals and drumsticks. The iconic market-leader for cymbals, with a history dating back to 1623, Zildjian delivered another major milestone in Headstock’s journey along with the opportunity to expand and develop its dedicated Percussion Division.

2014 – Truetone

During a rapid expansion of the guitar fx market, Truetone emerged as a market leader in the USA market, with particular recognition for its number 1 selling One Spot power supples. Pursing the opportunity to replicate their domestic market success, Truetone appointed Headstock for exclusive representation.

2014 – DiMarzio

In the same year Headstock also jumped at the opportunity to represent the industry legend Larry DiMarzio’s leading brand guitar pickups. With so many affiliations to Ibanez guitars, DiMarzio became a natural fit, as well as a true pleasure to work with.

2017 – Aquarian Drumheads

A desirable and complimentary addition to the Percussion Division, Aquarian Drumheads enlisted Headstock as Exclusive Distributor in 2017, thereby adding much-valued accessory category sales with their exceptional quality products.

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