Headstock Group consists of several divisions:

Global Brands: The Laney Amplification and HH Electronics brands are 100% owned by Headstock. Product design and global marketing for both brands is managed from Headstock HQ, with sales in over 60 countries.

Guitar & Backline: Headstock is the exclusive distributor for DiMarzio, Ibanez, Truetone & Laney for the UK & Ireland.

Percussion: Headstock is the exclusive distributor for Aquarian, Tama & Zildjian for the UK & Ireland.Pro Audio: HH is represented by Headstock’s Pro Audio team in the UK & Ireland.

Professional Audio: Headstock is the exclusive distributor for HH Electronics for the UK & Ireland.

Global Sales: Headstock Group Brands

  • Laney Amplification

    Laney is the signature of high quality British amplification. When Lyndon Laney started making amps for his band mates in the 1960s, little did he know this was the start of a long journey spanning over 50 years and every continent on the planet.

  • HH Electronics

    Founded in 1968, HH was one of the founding innovators of amplifier and loudspeaker technology for modern professional audio. Today, HH's range of live sound and audio installation products is highly respected and sold globally.

Guitar & Backline Division: UK & Ireland

  • Laney Amplification

    Laney has been designing and building amplifiers since 1967: From beginners to professionals to everything in between; for guitarists, bassists, keyboard players or vocal performers, Laney has a product to inspire you and that you can rely on.

  • Ibanez

    One of the largest and most popular manufacturers of electric, acoustic and bass guitars on the planet, Ibanez produce a huge range of high quality instruments across all genres and budgets.

  • DiMarzio

    The best players play the best pickups. Made in the USA.

  • TrueTone

    Truetone (formerly Visual Sound) is a leading guitar pedal effects company. It also produces the best-selling 1 SPOT ® power supply.

Percussion Division: UK & Ireland

  • Tama Drums

    Tama is one of the most recognised and popular manufacturers of drums and hardware in the world, endorsed by many of the most famous drummers on the planet.

  • Zildjian Cymbals

    The leader in cymbals dating back to 1623, Zildjian has been at the forefront of instrument-making for centuries. Zildjian continues to follow the music and deliver the best instruments and tools to deliver your sound.

  • Aquarian Drumheads

    Since 1980 Aquarian have been inventing, innovating and exploring new sounds and tools for the serious drummer. To this day, Aquarian unceasing passion is about the sound of the drum.

Pro Audio Division: UK & Ireland

  • HH Electronics

    From its beginnings in Cambridge in the late 1960's, HH has always been a very British company. Renowned for designing and producing pioneering products, HH was ahead of its time from the very start. Today, HH products focus on the future without ignoring their past, and are still designed and engineered in the UK.

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